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About Us

Hi!! We are Spencer and Ashley Rex, the owners and hosts of the Escalante Cliff House. We have 4 awesome kids, Warren, Nyla, Cora and Preston.

How did the Escalante Cliff House come to be you ask? Well, it all started in 1983 when my Dad, Jeff Rex, was told about some land outside of Escalante Utah that was for sale. He went and looked at it, loved it and bought it. The first thing my dad did with the property was build a vacation home on it where all of my immediate family and extended family could squeeze into and spend time together. These are my absolute favorite memories of my childhood. 

Well that vacation home, it burnt down one evening while we were picnicking at Wide Hollow Reservoir. It was an incredibly sad, devastating day for all of us. A few years later, in 1999, my brother Adam took apart and reassembled an old pioneer cabin that was on the property (now a vacation rental called the "Isaac Riddle Cabin.") After the cabin was done, I moved to Escalante at age 16 with Mom, Dad and little brother. I ended up graduating from Escalante High School in 2002 and then went to the University of Utah where I graduated in Metallurgical Engineering in 2009.

The day after I graduated, I married my favorite person, Ashley Rex. We lived in the Texas/Louisiana area where I was a Corrosion Engineer and we had 4 kids. In June 2022 I took the leap, left the W2 job and became a full time vacation rental host/real estate investor.

We love being a part of making people's vacations awesome, it is super rewarding when I get reviews saying that our house was our guests favorite stop on their trip. We hope you'll come see what Escalante has to offer and stay at our house!


Spencer and Ashley Rex